Fairport Soccer Club

2018 Volunteer Signup


Key Information for Registering to Volunteer for the FSC Soccer Tournament

1.    On the next page "Who Are You Registering," select your oldest player's name not the parent name.
2.    Ensure you know each of your player(s) Age Group (BU11, GU14, etc.) and each of the player(s) Head Coaches Last Name.  You will need to select this for each player that you add to your record.  We use this information to try to avoid scheduling you during your child's game.  If you make a data entry error when signing up it will be your responsibility to find someone to cover your shift. 
3.    Volunteer assignments are made per family not per adult or child. Each family is asked to sign up once and is given two 2 - hour shifts .  For families with 2 households (even if you have 2 signups and have 1 child under each parent) it would be best if one household registered for both parents so that you are not scheduled for (4) 2 hour shifts.  
4.    Please note in the comments field if you have restricted availability on any days, would like to work back to back shifts or if you want to be scheduled during your players game.
5.    If you have more than 3 players in FSC please note in the Comments field the additional player(s) names, their age group (i.e. BU09, GU10) and Head Coaches Last Name
6.    Please enter phone numbers in the following format "5852832678" area code and phone number with no spaces.
7.    Please sign up even if you will be on vacation that weekend.  We have volunteer positions that can be completed before or after the tournament.
8.    Families who do not sign up will still be assigned duties
9.    The scheduling process cannot not start until the GAME SCHEDULE is COMPLETE; so please be patient. We make every effort not to schedule you during your child/children(s) games unless you request it.  
10.    Volunteer jobs and shift times will be posted on the club website no later than June 20th .
11.    We attempt to accommodate your preferences, but you might be assigned a position that you didn't choose.
12.    Volunteers need to be at least 21 years with a NYS driver's license for Guest Assistance , 21 years for Security, 18 years for Grill Cook, and 16 years for all other jobs.
13.    We attempt to accommodate your preferences, but you might be assigned a position that you didn't choose.  



Please direct questions to:

Cheryl Allen at her email